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Thank You for Choosing Us

We appreciate your business and your valued partnership. If you have not worked with us before we look forward to gaining you as a customer.

Below we have a list of services we provide. Please contact us with any questions or to book a project.

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We Offer Many Services

Tile & Grout Coating

Terrazzo, Marble, Granite Honing and Polishing

Tile and Grout

Tile & Grout Coating

Tile and grout is one of the hardest surfaces to clean and maintain. Dirt and grime build up and stain the grout making your floors look old and filthy no matter how much you scrub them! Our experts clean and seal your tile surfaces, horizontal or vertical, with our Hard Tile Clear Treatment, creating a nonporous surface that keeps dirt and grime out! This will make it easier and cheaper to clean and maintain your tile surfaces while also protecting your floors with a long-lasting seal!

Clean and seal tile surfaces

  • Easy to clean and prevent stains

  • Horizontal and Vertical Services

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Lasts up to 5 years

Concrete Epoxy

Concrete Epoxy Systems

Our specialty coatings can be applied onto bare concrete or other masonry surfaces, such as brick, pavers, decorative stone, stucco or concrete.polymer blends. These product finishes can be used for either interior or exterior surfaces. We also have products designed for both horizontal and vertical applications. Whether you want to update your unfinished basement or renew and protect your exterior concrete surfaces, we can make your facility or residence look amazing!

Create a Unique Look

  • Highly Specialized Flooring Systems

  • Multi-purpose protective capabilities

  • Variety of aesthetic options

  • Exceptionally Durable

VCT Coating

VCT Coating

VCT coating protects and enhances floors with superior results. Not only does the coating repair cracks and chips, but it also reduces maintenance costs and adds traction, safety and light reflectivity. Once coated, your VCT flooring with be protected from dust, dirt, chemicals, and traffic. By using our VCT coatings, you no longer have to wax and burnish!! This greatly reduces your on-going maintenance and cleaning costs! Our coatings last up to 5 years with no resealing necessary!

Protect and Enhance Floors

  • Protects from dirt, chemicals and traffic

  • Increases slip resistance

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Lasts up to 5 years

Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain and Polishing

Enhance the Appearance of Concrete

  • Practical, cost effective option

  • Seals and protects the floor

  • Multiple Colors and Patterns

Make your concrete look brand new with a stain or polish job. Not only will it seal and protect your floor but it will also give it the amazing look you are wanting for your business. 


Terrazzo, Marble, Granite Honing and Polishing

Marble, granite, and terrazzo floors that have high-traffic areas can become dull and lose their brilliance when dirt and other sediments can start eroding the floors. Our honing and polishing service helps restore scratched, stained, watermarked, and worn down floors. Honing and polishing these floor surfaces is a great way to virtually eliminate the taxing maintenance requirements while still having the wonderful characteristics of a beautiful marble, granite, or terrazzo surface.

Restore the original beauty

  • Enhances appearance

  • Removes scratches and stains

  • Eliminates worn, high traffic areas

  • Avoids costly floor replacement

Safety Striping

Safety Striping

Floor marking, and striping will increase safety and efficiency for your facility. It can be tinted almost any color and has a high chemical resistance. Once the floor has been prepped, Xtreme’s system can be applied and ready for foot and forklift traffic faster than competing products due to its one coat application.

There are numerous ways to create striping and numbering safety on the warehouse floor: different colors, diagonal stripes, 'stop' guides, arrows, forklift or pedestrians signage. If your company currently has a safety standard for floor markings, consult the guidelines and allow Xtreme to review the criteria. We have performed striping and numbering for many companies to conform to their corporate standards and guidelines.


Comply with OSHA Guidelines

  • Multiple colors

  • Chemical resistant

  • Dries in 8-10 Hours

  • More durable than paint, epoxy or tape

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