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Carin Wuchterl -
Accounts Receivable

“Years of experience in the medical field of AP and AR has taught me that communication with our clients is the key to success.  Creating a motivating culture for our team is also something I work on every day!


Watching the business grow from home-based in our garage to having our own facility with a growing team is very rewarding.  In our own way, I feel Xtreme allows us to improve the cleanliness and beauty of our community as we help improve local businesses.


I love decorating and crafts of all types, and spending time with grandchildren and working alongside our children in Xtreme.  Family vacations, swimming, gardening, canning, hunting, and riding four-wheelers: time together is what I treasure the most.


We are a very strong family with big hearts, great values, and visions for the future.  Xtreme provides GOD, Family, and Business all in one!”

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