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Office Infection


Viruses and infections are inevitable; as an employer, finding suitable strategies to avoid or minimize them will go a long way in enhancing the productivity of your company.


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Option 1

Preventive Full Disinfection Service

Full Building Blitz: Preventative disinfection of all surfaces

One time (or recurrent, if people are still working in the bldg) disinfecting of all reachable horizontal/vertical surfaces throughout entire building.

This includes but not limited to all “open” employee desk and table surfaces, phones, door handles, elevator buttons and surfaces, push plates, chair arms, etc. with EPA and CDC approved chemical disinfectant.

Option 2

Post Incident/Infection Service

Critical Care Services: Cleaning areas with confirmed cases

Similar scope as Option 1 plus additional scope including movement and or disposal of personal items to facilitate full and effective sanitizing of affected areas.

Wiping of all personal effects including but not limited to staples, picture frames, keyboards, phones, pens, computer mouse, calculators, etc.

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Premium Disinfecting Services

As we all look for ways to protect ourselves, our families and our employees from the spread of Covid-19 and other harmful viruses and infections, I wanted to find a solution that we could extend to our valued customers and partners as well.

I'm excited to announce a partnership with First Class Commercial Cleaning to provide disinfecting services for your facility and office spaces.  

We only partner with the best and most qualified in the market and feel confident that they will deliver quality service to help you through this challenging time.

The process is simple.  View the options above then complete the form to take advantage of this special offer.

Kyle Wuchterl
Kyle Wuchterl

We develop and individual cleaning plan for your business

State-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers to ensure your work place is clean and safe.


We incorporate continuous monitoring of your facility ensuring your workplace stays that way.


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