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Help for Flooded Facilities

In the wake of the recent flooding in our area, Xtreme would like to pass along some very important information regarding flooring restoration and protection. 

As the water recedes and clean up begins you will be faced with restoring many items including the flooring in your facility. 

With carpet, hardwood, and vinyl, this is simply a rip and replace.  You have to remove everything down to the concrete, sanitize then replace which can be very costly.  Furthermore if your facility is prone to flooding you will have to repeat this process each time your are faced with this terrible scenario. 

Give Xtreme a call today to schedule a free site visit and assessment to learn more about your options.  We are experts in flooring restoration and protection and we truly want to offer our advice and guidance to anyone who needs a second opinion, even if you do not buy our services. 

We love our community and helping our neighbors is what we do.


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