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How Dirty Bathroom Floors Can Infect Your Entire Building

Most Facility Directors would agree that having clean bathroom floors are important.  Not only do clean bathroom floors provide a positive impression of the organization, but also promote safety and health to any person who uses the facilities.

However, with Facility Directors having to do "more with less" due to budget cuts and employee turnover, bathrooms may not get the attention needed.  At best hot water and mopping take place a few times a week and at worst this activity may be weekly.

Although on average bathrooms only take up about 5% of the facilities footprint, the dirty little secret (pun intended) is that bacteria and other contaminants do not stay in the bathroom.   Patrons walk in, conduct their business, then walk out of the bathroom tracking harmful bacteria throughout the facility.

Bathrooms that appear clean can give a false sense of security.  Depending upon the amount of traffic a bathroom receives, toxic elements can build up more quickly than we realize.

"People bring a lot of bacteria into bathrooms, the researchers found. Within an hour of normal use, there were 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch on the bathroom surfaces, on average."

"The bacterial load shed by the people using that space was extraordinary,"

2016 Study by Live Science


There are several options available to busy Facility Managers who are under constant pressure to manage a healthy facility.  Xtreme understands the importance of this issue and has teamed with organizations in Healthcare, Education, Retail and beyond to promote "healthy buildings" and provide a safe environment for workers, clients, customers, students, and patients.



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