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The Xtreme Difference

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

Xtreme Challenge

In the summer of 2017, Xtreme was contracted to complete a concrete flooring solution for a local elementary school (Irvington Elementary).  The design was very intricate, calling for up to eight different stain colors and over 20,000 linear feet of saw cuts.  Further complicating matters, we had only a twelve-week window to polish over 30,000 square feet of concrete. 

Irvington Elementary was a large and challenging project with a short deadline; it was imperative the school be ready to open for the fall semester.  Forcing students to enter an unsafe work environment was a nonstarter.

One of the reasons Xtreme is successful is because we plan for any obstacles that will occur and address them before we set foot your job site.  --Jessica Wuchterl, VP of Operations

Xtreme Coordination

Our leadership team developed a project plan in coordination with the construction manager and general contractor which mapped zones of completion.  By strictly adhering to our milestone delivery dates, Xtreme ensured we completed our work without interfering with or delaying the work of dozens of other subcontractors.

Xtreme Thinking

Even the best-laid plans often go off the rails.  Due to several weather-related delays, this project slipped dangerously behind schedule.

However, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve complicated problems before they are escalated to you.  In this instance, we patchworked a completely new work schedule in coordination with other subcontractors to ensure that the project was completed in a timely manner.

Xtreme Commitment

At Xtreme, it’s our job to make sure we finish your project on-time…no excuses. 

Xtreme Communication

We believe that clear and concise communication is the key to customer success.  We will communicate our work plan with you before we step on site and keep you apprised of work in progress, obstacles, and solutions. 

Our communication methodology is the reason we were successful at Irvington Elementary and is one of the reasons we will be successful with your project.



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