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Warehouse Striping 

What is striping?

Industrial line marking is the dual purpose product used in warehouse centers. Firstly, internal floor marking is used to improve storage efficiency by clearly designating areas. Secondly, it is used for safety in demarcation for pedestrian access routes, forklift truck aisles and no-go-zones, all critical guides to separation without complete restriction.

Ensure a safe and efficient environment 

Floor marking, and striping will increase safety and efficiency for your facility. It can be tinted almost any color and has a high chemical resistance. Once the floor has been prepped, Xtreme’s system can be applied and ready for foot and forklift traffic faster than competing products due to its one coat application.

There are numerous ways to create striping and numbering safety on the warehouse floor: different colors, diagonal stripes, 'stop' guides, arrows, forklift or pedestrians signage. If your company currently has a safety standard for floor markings, consult the guidelines and allow Xtreme to review the criteria. We have performed striping and numbering for many companies to conform to their corporate standards and guidelines.


If you believe your company would benefit from this service or would like to learn more, we would love to talk to you

Warehouse striping is used for:
  • Forklift traffic

  • Foot traffic

  • Safety zones by equipment or racking systems

  • Crosswalks

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Eye wash stations

  • Electrical panel isolation zones

  • And more!

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