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Concrete Polish

Concrete Polish Services


Concrete polishing has become a very popular flooring option on the market since every concrete floor has unique characteristics. Similar to terrazzo, polishing is used to treat, enhance, and personalize your concrete floors. The difference between the two are that terrazzo focuses on specific pattern, product, and result while polishing focuses on each slab of concrete which has its own unique installation, characteristics, flaws, and history. This process is being used in retail stores, large box stores, warehouses, industrial manufacturing, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and commercial garages.

In addition to the low maintenance feature, a polished concrete floor can brighten a space by its inherent reflective properties. Majority of the large retail warehouse buildings utilize polished concrete in their facilities because it is easier to maintain and reflects up to 30% more light.

Those who are pursuing "green" construction affiliations will be glad to hear that most of the products utilized to deliver a polished floor are non-toxic, low VOC, and low odor. 

Concrete Polishing Can Be Used To Fix:

  • Uneven joints creating possible trip hazard

  • Spalled areas and deteriorating surfaces

  • Old paint, coatings, adhesives, and mastics that need removed

  • Uneven floor level making tile and flooring difficult or impossible to install

  • Poor concrete installation

  • Surface is too rough for bare feet



Concrete polishing provides many options and a tailored option based on your needs and budget can be created today. Contact us with your needs and we can figure out the rest!

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