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Education institutions by design are built to serve the public.  Clean floors are only part of an overall experience required to perform at a high-level, but are critical to the health and performance of every facility.

Xtreme has the experience with working with K-12, Universities, Trade Schools and other education related entities.  We have solutions for every type of floor commonly used in these facilities including VCT, Tile, Concrete and Terrazzo.  


Xtreme understands the real world challenges facing education which includes balances high-quality with limited budgets.


Give Xtreme a call to learn more about how we can save you money, while protecting your investment and increasing the life of your flooring.



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Case Study

Irvington School in Kentucky was a challenging project, that brought out the best in Xtreme.

We solve complex flooring problems, and have a proven process to overcome obstacles that can present themselves on new construction projects.

Watch the video to learn more!

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