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Jeb Baker - CEO

In the summer of 2015 I returned home to Kentucky following a 25-year career in Dallas, Texas.  Since arriving back in Louisville, I’ve been fortunate to reconnect with many of my childhood friends.  One of those friends is Dean Wuchterl, the co-founder of Xtreme.  A series of conversations with Dean, his son Kyle and daughter in-law Jessica led to my involvement with Xtreme.  Initially I provided consulting services to the company on a limited basis but over time my role expanded and evolved into a leadership position.

My primary focus at Xtreme is driving the company’s development and guiding it towards long-term success.  I believe success can only be achieved by putting the right people, in the right places, doing the right things. 

Prior to joining Xtreme, my professional background consisted of 35+ years in sales and executive management. I have acquired a diverse set of business skills through my experiences across a broad spectrum of industries.  But in the end, I’m simply a manager of resources – time, people and money.  I am blessed to be doing that with the amazing team at Xtreme.

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